Dr. Alexis Priola - Veterinarian


Meet Dr. Alexis Priola, a valued Veterinarian at Dog & Cat Hospital.

Unique about me:

I went to vet school in Australia. During my time abroad I did research on diseases in Koalas and got to work with them directly. I grew up in the Hampton roads area and moved back after graduating from vet school I am an avid hiker, practice yoga in my free time and love the beach. I have wheaten terrier named Wesley Crusher, who is the definition of a fur baby.

Cases I like seeing:

I love seeing skin cases. Being able to get to the bottom of why an animal is itchy and help relieve their uncomfortability is one of my favorite things. I also really enjoy seeing eye cases, they are such an important part of an animals ability to explore their world, and their makeup is so fascinating! Last but not least, I love seeing puppies and kittens (the fun part of the job)

What I love about my job:

Being able to improve the lives of animals on a daily basis, which in turns help improves the life of their owners.